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Starlink 12v Conversion - Gen 3 - Star Mount

Starlink 12v Conversion - Gen 3 - Star Mount

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Uses Starlink supplied OEM Gen 3 Router.

Take your Starlink anywhere you go with the all-new Star-Mount Voyager Bundle for Generation 3 Starlink.


  • No Cutting Required: Our new Gen 3 Star-Mount features a drop-in installation, eliminating the need for modifying your dish and preserves your Starlink warranty.
  • Easy Installation: The bundle allows for a straightforward setup and can be installed easily at home.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Whether you prefer solid mounting, magnetic attachment, or suction cups, this kit adapts to your vehicle's needs.
  • 12V DC Conversion: No home outlet? No problem. Our patent-pending Star-Box allows you to reliably run your Starlink dish off your vehicle’s 12V DC battery, and offers endless solutions for RV’s, Vans, Boats, Cars and Trucks.
  • Built-in STARLINK SUPPLIED Wi-Fi 6 Router: Ensures high-speed, reliable internet access without the need for the standard Starlink Router or Power Supply.
  • Wiring Included: We include a 12’ power supply cable, allowing you to easily run your Starlink off your vehicle’s 12V battery.
  • Protective Design: Our revolutionary Generation 3 Star-Mount made from Starboard material encases your Starlink Dish, shielding it from damage and allowing for versatile flat-mounting options.

Included in Star Mount Kit:

  • Gen 3 Starlink: New Gen 3 Starlink
  • Star-Box 12V Conversion for Generation 3 Starlink: Seamlessly convert your Gen 3 Starlink Dish to run on 12V DC power, offering plug-and-play simplicity with no need for wire cutting, dish modification, or voiding your Starlink Dish warranty. The kit includes premade power wires with ring terminal connectors for direct battery attachment, and an integrated STARLINK SUPPLIED WiFi 6 Router for uncompromised connectivity​​.
  • Star-Mount for Generation 3 for Starlink: Our original Star-Mount, made from high UV-rated Starboard material. This protective mount safeguards your Gen 3 Starlink Dish's edges and corners, while allowing it to be mounted to any flat surface. Best of all, no more cutting or modifying your dish! It comes with multiple mounting options for your vehicle, using through-bolts, magnets, or suction cups for flexibility. The mount is crafted from durable, UV resistant Starboard Material and stainless steel hardware, available in black or white to match your setup​​. Choose from a black or white finish.

Please note: Starlink products or services not included in this bundle. You will need to purchase them separately from Starlink.

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